Tommy Jones - Days Turn Into Yesterdays

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Tommy Jones - Days Turn Into Yesterdays

Hi, I'm Tommy Jones. Welcome and thank you for your interest in my new album "Days Turn Into Yesterdays". This album is a coming home of sorts back to my roots as a

piano player with rock and roll influences. I started out to make an album of piano songs that I could perform live with just piano and vocal. The album soon progressed into a modern classic rock collection that reflects the musicians that influenced me early on, such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Seger, Bryan Adams, Meatloaf, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, to name but a few.

This album took eight months to write, perform, and produce. It is a complete one man effort. I played every instrument, sang every vocal, recorded, produced and engineered it, right here in my home studio, and even designed the album artwork. I'm quite proud of the final result. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

The process was demanding, yet rewarding. I recorded a rough draft of the entire album during the writing process, then recorded the entire thing over from scratch. This helped me work out the arrangements and polish the performances. It also allowed for a lot of practicing and strengthening of the vocals. I look forward to performing live, so please watch this space and sign up for the mailing list using the ReverbNation widget above to be among the first to see these songs performed live. I can't wait to meet you, so be sure to come see me play!

Days Turn Into Yesterdays

It doesn’t matter how hard I rage against the dying light
Time finds a way of marching on
Seems like every time I get a chance to turn around
All of my time is gone
Gone gone gone

Sitting around watching all my days turn into yesterdays
Drifting further away as time rolls by
Pretty soon all my years have turned into decades
And I’ve grown a little more grey
But a little more wise

Well there ain’t nothing that I can do about it anyway
Time just keeps rolling along
So I guess I’ll learn to appreciate every day
That I get to sing my song ‘cuz time rolls on


Take That Chance

The first time I saw you I knew
That I had to make you mine, somehow
But being with you went against all the rules
So I had to take some time
To figure you out

I don’t believe all the people who say
That I don’t have what it takes
To make you want to stay
But I’ve got to take that chance
On you

Because I know deep in my heart
That you wanted me to
But being with you went against every rule
So I had to take my time
And wait you out


Anything Worth Saving

She doesn’t talk much about it
She doesn’t have much to say
She doesn’t think much about me
I’m just in the way
She doesn’t tell me her secrets
But it’s right there in her eyes
I know she don’t wanna hurt me
But it feel like goodbye
Yeah it feels like goodbye

Is there anything worth saving
Is there anything left at all
Is there anything worth saving
At all
Is there anything worth saving
Is there anything worth fighting for
Is there anything worth saving

I didn’t think it was so bad
I always treated her well
And I can feel something’s missing
And I know she can tell
Used to believe in forever
I used to think we’d hang on
I guess we all grow up someday
And have to move on
Now I have to move on


Can't Take It Anymore

I’ve been down this road before
My bags packed and waiting by the door
I’ve lost so many times
That I stopped keeping score
And I don’t think I can stay here anymore
Well it should come as no suprise
You lied to me about a thousand times
No don’t apologize
‘cuz I ain’t gonna change my mind
You made a fool of me for the last time

Go on and say what you’re gonna say
You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do
Well I don’t think that it matters anymore
Go out and see who you wanna see
You gotta be who you gotta be
But I don’t think I can take it anymore

I guess it’s time for me to go
But there’s still just
One thing I’d like to know
Did I mean anything to you
Or was I just a stepping stone
Nevermind now baby
I really don’t wanna know


You know it wasn’t that long ago
That I was happy ‘cuz I didn’t know
Baby I believed your lies
‘cuz I saw something in your eyes
Girl I really believed in you
You know it wasn’t that hard to do
But now I don’t see anything
And that changes everything


Don't Hold Me Back

If I’m gonna find out what it takes
I’ve got to make my own mistake
If I’m ever going to learn to make it
In this crazy world alone
I’ve got plans and I’ve got dreams
And I know sometimes that it seems
That all my dreams always seem to be
A long long way from home

Don’t hold me back, don’t slow me down
‘cuz I’m not gonna live like that
Don’t push me back, don’t shove me around
‘cuz I’m not gonna take it
Why should I stay here on the ground
When I know I can fly away
Don’t hold me back, I won’t let you down

I know that it don’t take long
For all our plans to go all wrong
And we all sing a different song
When everything goes right
But I couldn’t look myself in the eye
If I stayed grounded and never tried
A man that might be made to fly
But had never taken flight


There's No Going Home

I took a ride just the other day
Out to where I used to stay
When I was a child
So innocent and wild
But nothing seemed to be the same
And even things that hadn’t changed
Weren’t right somehow
It all looked different now

Time changes everything
And there’s no going home

I rode around to my old school
Where I had been such a fool
I coulda had it made
If I just kept up my grades
But I never seemed to fit in there
But I can’t help but wonder where
They all are now
And did they survive somethow


And there’s no point in living in the past
When every day seems shorter than the last
So savor every moment while you can
‘cuz there’s no going home
There’s no going home
There’s no going home
There’s no going home


Wasting Your Time

I don’t know how to make you see
That he’s never gonna be the man
You want him to be
No matter how much damage you inflict
And I don’t seem to understand
‘cus when you describe your perfect man
He’s nothing like the guys I see you with

You’re just wasting your time
You’re just wasting your life
You’re not changing their mind
You’re just wasting your time
Wasting your time

And I know that we’ll never be
But I hope at least you think of me
Everytime you hear them play this song
And when you sit at home and cry
I hope you realize your “perfect guy”
Has been here right beside you all along


Think About Something Else

It doesn’t seem to be that long
Since you’ve been gone
And I’ve been waiting here all alone
And now it seems like every day
All my friends say
That I’d be better off on my own
But they don’t seem to understand
It’s not the same without you
You make me a better man
Don’t wanna live without you

I try to think about something else
But it just don’t help
And I can’t help myself
All I think about is you
I tried to go out with someone new
But it just won’t do
‘cuz all she seems to do
Is remind about you

And now I still can’t take the nights
And it don’t feel right
‘cuz I can’t seem to sleep without you
I reach for you and you’re not there
It’s not fair
‘cuz I’ve done everything that I can do
How do I make you understand
It’s not the same without you
You make me a better man
Don’t wanna live without you


Go Away

I see you outside my window
You’re always ringing my bell
Calling everyone I know
Trying to make my life hell

But you’re not welcome anymore
Girl don’t knock on my door
Don’t call me on my telephone
Want you to just leave me alone
Leave me alone
Won’t you please just go away
Please just go away

Everytime that my phone rings
I’m worrying that it’s you
Do you hear what I’m saying
‘cuz I don’t think that
The message gets through



Turn on my TV for some information
But it’s the same thing on every station
They tell me things that I’ve seen for myself
Are not true
So I go out and buy my local newspaper
But it’s been bought by the same corporation
That owns the tv and the right wing radio too

Don’t know who I can trust and believe
My newspaper radio and TV
They’re all lying to me

Lies from my newspaper to my TV
Nothing but lies
Everybody’s lying to me

I sit and ponder our situation
How we’ve become such a greedy nation
Where anything done in the pursuit of wealth
Can’t be wrong
Now I’m overcoming my own frustration
We need to counter this disinformation
It’s gotta start somewhere
So it might as well start with this song

We need to know who we can trust and believe
My newspaper radio and TV
They’re all lying to me


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  2. Take That Chance
  3. Anything Worth Saving
  4. Can't Take It Anymore
  5. Don't Hold Me Back
  6. There's No Going Home
  7. Wasting Your Time
  8. Think About Something Else
  9. Go Away
  10. Lies
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